Featured Shopping       Featured Shopping

Fun and simple, Rooster is more than a shoe shop – it is an experience. Warm wood and brick textures drawn from the building it’s housed in along with playful rooster ornaments give a bohemian feel to the shopping experience.

Featured Eats & Treats       Featured Eats & Treats

Welcome to the Green Carrot Juice Company, Winnipeg’s home of Cold Pressed Juice. All of our juices are cold pressed, raw and unpasteurized. We are one of only two juice companies in Canada to use a special hydraulic X1 juicer that extracts the juice using a 2000psi of press to give you pure, unoxidized, unheated, unpasteurized juice – made fresh daily. Due to the process it has a limited shelf life but that’s what you get when you choose an all natural, no additive, healthy product. Our menu is complete with healthy choices including smoothies, acai bowls (like an extra thick smoothy in a bowl), delicious and nutritious vegan sandwiches and naked oats. Our entire menu is preservative free and locally sourced whenever possible.

Places To Go       Places To Go

The Village Market is a local, community-based initiative that encourages a stronger connection between food producers and consumers, residents within the neighbourhood, businesses and local organizations engaging in projects that align with the GSAC’s mission. Started in 2008, the Village Market features vendors who are exclusively from within a 100-mile radius of the city limits giving unprecedented access to locally produced goods and services.

People To See       People To See

Love Your Pet! Our products are chosen with the same care you give to your furry companions. We are dedicated to helping make life with your pets the very best it can be.


What's Happening In The Street

Canada Day

The local businesses liven up the street and create Winnipeg’s largest street festival. Family-fun, young at heart, foodie, folkie, foot-stomper, whatever you are, the festival is action packed and there’s something for EVERYONE!